Liza Granger

Executive Assistant - Erina

A little about me

Liza grew up and attended school in a thriving rural community in the Riverina region of NSW before moving to the Central Coast in 1993. Liza’s first job after completing her higher school certificate was with Westpac Bank. She quickly rose through the ranks culminating in 4 years in management. She received many industry awards and was highly regarded amongst her peers. But she has always had a passion for real estate, in fact Liza has been involved in the development of some of the Central Coasts most notable buildings. Liza is highly motivated and enjoys juggling motherhood to Jack and Ella and focusing on the needs of her many clients. Liza is without doubt one of the brightest real estate stars in the country.

When/where were you born?
11.50pm on 14th January 1971, Griffith. My mum seemed to have a thing for having January babies. Another 10 minutes and my brother and I would have shared the same birthday

Where did you grow up?
I spent most of my childhood in Griffith NSW, although I did spend some time in Swansea, Ballina and The Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I just love living on the coast.

When did you start in Real Estate?
Officially 2001 but have been very involved in real estate since my husband started working as a real estate agent in the late 1990s

What inspires you?
People… especially those that have been dealt a life changing card and just get on with life and come out trumps.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
Well I wouldn’t really say that it is an accomplishment, however the birth of my two adorable children is obviously the proudest accomplishment any parent can have. On a professional level, helping my husband become one of Australia’s top performing real estate agents and the continued success of the Property Central Brand. Also I make a really sensational white sauce!

Future aspirations?
To successfully balance my family and the business so that I do not miss out on too much of my children’s early years.

Hobbies or interests?
Travelling, going to the movies, doing coffee and a chat, being with family and friends, shopping and I really love cooking. My spaghetti marinara, is a family favourite!!

Why should people come to Property Central?
We have an awesome team of real estate professionals. The culture within the brand is phenomenal and I am very proud of the moral fibre of every team member within Property Central.

Do you have a favorite moment from Property Central?
It has been an exciting ride. I have been involved in the business from the conception stage and to watch the brand grow and flourish makes me proud every day.

Favourite Food?
I absolutely love Italian food, I adore seafood and I always leave room for desert. Chocolate is my real vice, if you want to put a smile on my face buy me a chocolate.


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