Karen Wardle

Sales Negotiator

A little about me

Q how long have you worked in real estate?
A Since 2010. Although back in 1996 I spent about 2 years in the industry. A lot has changed in that time.

Q what’s the favourite part of your job?
A I have two. Putting the sold sticker on a property and handing keys over to a buyer at settlement. These seemingly insignificant steps often represent a long road or the overcoming of many hurdles for the buyer and/or seller. It represents a new chapter and I’m privileged to be a part of people’s lives during that time.

Q what do you like least about real estate?
A It saddens me when I am selling a home when it isn’t the owners choice to sell. Those three “d’s” that I don’t like to hear: death, debt and divorce. These events are stressful enough with adding the sale of a home to the mix.

Q What is your biggest property achievement?
A I purchased a block of land when I was 17 and my own home at 19. Both these transactions inspired my passion for real estate and I’m lucky to be working at something that I truly love.

Q Who is your biggest hero?
A My ex mother-in-law. She is almost 80 and has experienced many challenging and traumatic times in her life, far more than one person should ever have to deal with. Yet she is the most giving and supportive woman to everyone she meets. She also volunteers for charity several times a week. She always has a smile and a kind word and I am in awe of her strength.


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