Johanna Jones

A little about me

When and where were you born?
New Zealand, 13th Sept (a long time ago!).

Where did you grow up ?
Hamilton NZ.

When did you start in real estate?
September, 2008.

What inspires you?
Positive, happy people.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
My 30 year old well grounded beautiful daughter (and I must say landing my job at Property Central!!)

What does “world famous” mean to you?
Property Central Worldwide!

Future aspirations
Staying healthy.

Hobbies or interests
Fresh air/Walking/Tennis and my new one bike riding.

Why should people come to Property Central?
For anyone to miss the experience would be sad! The most awesome team, combined with professional qualities to make it happen!

Do you have a favourite moment in real estate?
Every day seeing the ocean from my desk and lapping up the youthful “energy” from the team at Property Central!

What is your favourite food?
Oh anything.. I am a foodaholic!



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