Selling tips

It is important to create the best first impression possible of your property because as they say, there are no second chances at a first impression.

There are many inexpensive options when preparing your property for sale, which may determine the success of the sale. The best possible price for your home will usually be achieved if it sells during the early weeks of it being on the market, so exceptional presentation is critical. It is highly important that the property is priced based on the market that it is in, so please be aware that the price can vary depending on external influences.

Walk through your property as though it was the first time you had seen it and be critical as the majority of people will decide what they don’t like about the property much faster than what they do like. If you find it hard to be critical on your own property, ask a friend to walk through and give you truthful but constructive feedback.


1. Sweep driveways & paths of leaves and build up

2. Dis guard of any rubbish eg, newspapers, compose, garden trimmings

3. Repair damage to fences, fly screens, gutters, etc

4. Clean all windows

5. Tidy the garden and mow the lawn, you may want to plant some vibrant, colourful plants

6. Clean gutters and roofs of leaves and twigs

7. Remove spider webs Indoors

8. Clutter can minimise the size of a room, so remove excess clutter and furniture to enhance the size

9. You may consider painting some walls to freshen up the rooms

10. Remove any mould or scum from bathrooms, kitchens and walls

11. Consider having your carpet professionally cleaned

12. Organise cupboards to show space for storage

13. Put any toys or excess ornaments away to remove clutter

14. Fix any dripping taps During a showing of your Property

15. Open curtains and blinds to lighten and freshen up the room

16. Air out any closed up rooms to remove any stale smell out of the air

17. Keep pets outside and reduce any smell that your pet may leave in the house

18. Be aware that cigarette smoke may deter buyers and will smell much stronger to a non smoker

19. You may want to place fresh flowers in the living room

20. Relaxing music can add an atmosphere and evoke an emotion

21. Park excess cars away from the property