Open a PC Cafe

As a real estate professional you would be fully aware that consumer trends are ever changing, none more so than buyers of real estate. In the “old days” buyers would have to traverse the landscape looking at every real estate agencies window display to find their dream home. Well this has all changed, buyers now start their real estate search online and rarely need to step into a real estate office. That’s why we launched our PC Cafe brand which is designed to bring the conversation back into a real estate office, it’s a non-confrontational destination for both buyers and sellers, it’s a place where tenants feel welcome and landlords can pop in for a coffee whenever they are in town.. PC Cafes have a casual relaxed atmosphere, serving piping hot Schibello coffee and savoury treats.

Our agents love having a cafe attached to their workplace,” It’s an excellent place to have quality conversations with my clients, rather than sitting down in a drab boardroom where everyone feels somewhat uncomfortable. Our cafe is the ultimate destination for all my clients, I love the quirky atmosphere, it makes the whole buying and selling process feel more organic and authentic.” Adrienn Szakacs

We invite all our clients into our cafe but the great news is that anyone can drop in for a coffee, we do a roaring trade with local business owners getting their morning coffee fix, not to mention passing trade and customers dropping in from surrounding businesses. As a real estate principal you would be aware that it’s becoming ever more difficult to stand out from the crowd, but with a PC Cafe you will be like a beacon for consumers. So if you want to elevate yourself above the pack, to stand out amongst your competitors then you should consider opening a PC Cafe, it’s the ultimate differentiator!!

If you choose to partner with Property Central you will be welcomed into our family with open arms…’s a few of our “must haves” in no particular order.

  • You must have adequate cash reserves.
  • You must have the ethos that your staff will always be paid fully and on time
  • You will possess a high level of personal integrity…..100% of the time
  • You will have a sense of humour, a soft heart and a steely determination
  • You will be an equal opportunity employer….but not necessarily a devout follower of political correctness
  • You will always act in the best interests of your clients
  • You will look after our brand, we have worked hard to build a great reputation

Call Jamie Granger on 0414 414 852 if you have any questions.